BCBA Services

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (age 5 and under)

Once your child has a confirmed diagnosis, our service starts with a comprehensive skills-based assessment that addresses the basic language and functional skills of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental delays. This assessment is the base of developing customized curriculums to teach language and other critical skills for the child. Once the assessment is completed, an assessment and intervention report will be drafted. This report will be based on the assessment results, children’s needs, her/his preferences, and the families’ choices. From there forward, we will support families in coordinating a multidisciplinary intervention team that includes but not limited to BCBAs, BCaBAs, Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBT), Behaviour Interventionists, SLP, OT, psychologists, and physicians.

Behavioral Intervention (age 6 and above)

This service is similar to the intervention services provided to children under 6. We start services for over 6 years old with an assessment focused on problem behaviours, independent life skills, social skills, and vocational skills.

Positive Behaviour Support Parent Training

A parent is a child’s best teacher. No one understands your children better than you do. The parent-child relationship is a life-long learning and training. This is even more true when you are a parent of a child with special needs. Positive behaviour support (PBS) is a science and values-based approach to treating problem behaviour and improving quality of life that is grounded in the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). This approach has been shown to be an effective approach to increase the quality of life of children with autism and otherdevelopmental disabilities and their families. We work closely with parents at settings where they need the support and we make sure that our services empower parents and allow the children to have happy and independent lives.